Nicki Minaj has accused the reporter of threatening her family before the heated Twitter exchange

Last week, Nicki Minaj sent waves across social media with her post. Rumors began on Monday when the award-winning rapper announced that he would not be taking part in the 2021 Met Gala. Nicki cited the lack of child care for Papa Bear and the need to vaccinate Gala as an effect on her decision. The revelation came quickly in a conversation about the effects of vaccines, research and the freedom to question vaccines. By Friday morning, politicians, media personalities and medical professionals had condemned Nikki’s remarks. On Friday afternoon, Nikki began publicly accusing reporter Charlene Ramparsad of threatening her family.

Nicky Call Out reporter Charlene Ramparsad

Nicky started by releasing screenshots of Charlene’s WhatsApp message to her family members. In the messages, Charlene introduces herself and her position as a reporter in the Guardian media. He expressed his intention to talk to a man named Mr. Daniel for an article. Charlene sent eight messages between 11:15 a.m. and 7:30 p.m. on Sept. 15

When Charlene received no response, she switched gears and the receiver Mr. Daniel warns that another media outlet is looking for him in search of the same story. He sent a total of five messages in the second batch.

Charlene writes, “But just to let you know, CNN is looking for you in the country.” “And when they find you, don’t hesitate to reveal where you are or where your GF is … anyone and everyone is bound to you.”

How the vaccine conversation started

In retrospect, the story in question involves a friend of Nicki Minaj’s cousin. On Monday, the rapper complained on Twitter that his cousin in Trinidad refused to take the vaccine because his friend had fertility problems after being vaccinated with the Covid-1 vaccine.

Nicky tweeted, “My cousin in Trinidad won’t get the vaccine because his friend got it and became impotent.” “Her testicles are swollen. Her friend was a few weeks away from getting married, now the girl has stopped getting married.

She continues to encourage readers to pray for their decision and to be “comfortable” instead of “raped”.

Nicky confronts her for a story about a cousin’s friend

The response to his story came quickly and hard. Dr. Joy Reed Anthony Fawcett, Nicki face strong criticism for misinformation.

Since then, he has shared the conversation of being invited to the White House, calling it “a step in the right direction.” Shortly afterwards, according to television host Don Lemon, White House officials declined the invitation. Officials only reportedly gave Nikki a chance to question the doctor about the Covid-1 vaccine. This led Nikki to an Instagram live.

Nicki and Charlene exchanged words on Twitter

After posting Nicki Charlene’s WhatsApp message, she complained that the media was “insisting [her] The family must be kept hidden. He wrote a threat against Charlene saying that she would be asked to “count her days” by calling him names like “B *** H” and “Dirty H * E”. He also revealed the reporter’s phone number and two pictures that he had published.

Shortly afterwards, Nicky seems to have unveiled a Twitter thread posted by Charlene on Thursday. Charlene is under emergency in Trinidad and Tobago and the vaccine is their “way out”. In addition to the island’s immune population statistics, Charlene accuses Nicki of “spreading false propaganda” using her platform.

Charlene tweeted, “We’re not the island you can imagine if you’re upset.” “1,391 people have died from Kovid-1 here. Now let us be alone. ”

Nikki started her blast by questioning whether the account posted on the tweet was the same person “harassing her family”.

Nicki also tweeted to Charlene, “You used threats and manipulation. I also want to know how CNN feels about you by including them for your personal agenda.

Charlene then made it clear that there was no threat. He reiterated that the Guardian would not “disclose personal information” and said he was presenting it as a “good alternative” to CNN.

Nicky then told Charlene “Go away [her] The family is alone ”and while dealing with her it’s time to call Charlene a“ fool ”and a“ clown ”.

Nicki Minaj’s response to Charlene is no longer available on the platform.

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