Nicki Minaj has won legal in court as a রায় 20 million default verdict

Rumiz, it looks like Nicki Minaj has won a victory in court that will allow him to hold a huge amount of money. Yesterday, a judge ruled that rapper Jennifer Huff had failed to respond to the lawsuit. If you remember, Jennifer 1 filed a rape complaint against Nicky’s husband, Kenneth Petty, in 1994. However, her problems with Jennifer persist to this day.

According to Yahoo, Jennifer and her legal team pressured the court to sue the couple for সা 20 million for not responding. However, a federal clerk rejected the request this week, citing court documents showing that Nicki had done her due diligence and had already hired a lawyer to defend her in the case. However, her husband has not yet responded.

On October 15, Nicki submitted an affidavit stating that she had successfully hired a lawyer in late September but unfortunately fell into a series of “innocent miscommunications” that resulted in the late payment fees being fully secured. “My failure to respond to the allegations was the result of an innocent mistake and I ask the court to apologize for the delay so that I can defend what I believe is a completely unreasonable lawsuit,” Nicky said in a statement.

Nikki’s lawyer, Jude Barstein, also confirmed the matter in a statement, saying “I immediately confirm the veracity of those parts of the defendant’s declaration about my role in failing to secure my services.” Although Nicki doesn’t have to pay Jennifer, her team isn’t giving up. Jennifer’s legal representative, Tyrone Blackburn, said that despite the judge’s dismissal, she was planning to default on a proposal to get থ 20 million for her client against Kenneth, which she believes she owes properly.

In a statement to Rolling Stone, Tyrone said: “It’s interesting that Kenneth Petty is currently suing New York State in the Eastern District of New York, but he has no respect for this progress and no honor to appear before this judge. And his wife and his thugs were all harassed for meeting him.

If you think about it, Jennifer went to “The Real” last month, where she described the allegations she made to Petty that started nine months ago.

Rumis, we will keep you updated as new information is found in this suite.

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