Nicki Minaj takes on Sosi Santana’s ‘Walk’ Challenge (Video)

Nicki Minaj may be a little late but she certainly gave Sosi Santana’s “Walk” challenge in her recent video, named after her hit song.

The two artists formed quite an alliance this week after joining an entertaining livestream on Instagram that left fans wanting more and more.

Emerging friendships began to grow somewhat on Wednesday when Nicki went live to have a conversation with her fans. He insisted during the nearly hour-long live stream that he wanted Sosi Santana to join him.

After she finally worked through her technical difficulties, Sosi Santana got her moment with her and the two of them stopped.

The pair talked a lot about her music, her looks and they could even play a few rounds of “F ** k, Marry, Kill”.

At one point, Sosi Santana bravely shoots his shot at Nicki Minaj and asks when he will give her a feature.

“I really only got one Motherf ** King question – when did I get my Mother ** King feature?” Nicki demanded Santana from Niki before she calmed down strangely.

Santana joked that Nikki’s video was probably frozen, but Nikki clapped and said she shouldn’t be put in such a place, even though she didn’t tell him directly. You can watch the funny clip below:

The two also had a bit of a messy moment during a round of “F ** k, Marry, Kill” when Nicky suggested that arrogant Tae didn’t like hairstylist Jonathan Wright.

After severing ties with Santana, Nicky dropped her “Walk” challenge on Friday while swinging a cheetah print look and bright red boots.

Did Nikki’s challenge give her the need? Let us know!

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