Nicki Minaj trends on Twitter after defending Jesse Nelson in blackfishing allegations

Chile! A lot was said during Nicki Minaj’s IG Live with Jesse Nelson and now Nicky is trending on Twitter. Outside of a few kicks, when the two talked about Jesse’s new single “Boys” and played some games with Nicky, the conversation got more serious. It was Nicky who once claimed that Jesse was blackfishing. Over the past few days, Twitter users have called the former Little Mix member for his presence.

According to people, if you are not familiar with Little Mix, they are a pop group in the UK, Jesse recently left the group in December due to “taking a toll” on his mental health. In addition, he claims that he is “really unhappy” with being a member. Now that she’s a solo artist, everyone’s eyes are on her, and people aren’t feeling her appearance.

The response is not suppressing Nikki from showing Ziki’s love and support! Nicki resolved complaints and issues with Jesse and Little Mix member Lee-Ann while live on the alleged text message. Nicky reveals that she feels that Jesse is being attacked after being separated from the group, and that Le-Ann did not have this strength years ago when they were group mates.

Nicki did not hesitate to talk about black fishing. “A lot of women here in the United States tan, grow their lips, do all kinds of work on their own. I wear blonde hair under my feet whenever I want. Get in touch anyway. “Unless you’re hurting someone or talking negatively about someone’s race or culture, you should be able to enjoy your body, your makeup, everything you have,” he said.

Although the subject was about Jesse, he was calm and let Nicky talk about the allegations. However, earlier during the live, Jesse mentioned that when he was on the team with women of two colors, there was no conversation about his black fishing. People on Twitter are not satisfied with Nicky standing next to Jesse and feel that some of his comments were wrong. One tweeted, “Nicky is not giving Jesse Nelson (white woman) a blackfishing pass, it’s crazy.”

Rumiz, what do you think about this?

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