Nike has announced a new partnership with Megan Thi Stallion

Looks like Megan Thi Stallion secured one more bag. This time you will team up with him Nike And showing the world the definition of sportsmanship through his love of dance.

In the promotional clip of the campaign, Megan talks about how many people encouraged her to play different sports because of her height. Although he tried his hand at various sports, in the end dance took his heart, and he supports why dance is definitely a sport. He said, “Dancing is my game. Performing is my game. Raping is my game. And if you think it takes no work and effort and sweat, you’re wrong.”

Through the partnership, Megan Nike trainer Tara has prepared a series of exercises with Nicholas, which is accessible through the Nike Club app. Megan said, “I like the fact that Hottis sees me go through my struggles. It’s light that you want to give up. It’s real for you not to want to eat it today. It’s really a matter of discipline.”

Megan also spoke of her love for her body and said, “I love my body, first of all. It’s number one. I’m curved, I’m fat, I’m tall. But I want to make sure I keep myself healthy, mentally and physically fit. ”

Megan Left and Right are securing major brand deals. He is currently working as a coach and brand ambassador for both Revlon.

Congratulations to Megan for her new partnership with Nike!

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TSR Staff: Z Ashley @ Z_Ashley4

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