Nora Fatehi on her growing love, film and her vious enviable personality

1. With 32M followers on Instagram, you are one of the most followed celebrities in Bollywood, what it feels like to get all the love from people.

It seems very surreal and fulfilling. People’s love drives me and I consider myself very lucky to have their support. My Instagram is very close to me because I made it my own biologically. Content and aesthetics are driven by me and I take pride in my Instagram. Recently my fans and media have celebrated me as the most followed Arab African artist in the world so it seems like a huge achievement and it is just the beginning for me and my loved ones.

2. It’s been a long journey for you, from trying to be an actor to being one. What efforts and work went behind this change? Take us through …

This condition requires hard work and extreme perseverance. The journey was and still is a difficult but step by step I am getting there. It is a combination of many things. Constantly working on my craft as an artist in acting and performance, working with language and working myself as a brand. I know I can do a lot in the acting world as I discover myself and learn more and I know I will do it slowly.

Bhu. Bhuj: Pride of India came as a big surprise for all your fans who were delighted to see your performance. How was your experience?

The experience was great. I’ve been able to be part of a movie with so many big stars that just seemed impossible almost a few years ago. I went through a lot of auditions, tests and workshops to play the role of Hina. I got this opportunity and I am grateful for how helpful and encouraging my fans were when I released this movie. This experience wants to push me even further for a bigger performance-oriented role and I hope I can grow even bigger as a versatile actor in the future.

4. You’ve been part of several superhit songs, how different does acting to a music video seem to you than working in a movie?

They both have their challenges and both are very similar. There are so many elements in a song that I need to embody to keep the audience interested and engaged in 3 minutes. Through the song one has to imitate every word with eyes, facial expressions and body language and also perform some intense and eye-catching stunning dance.

5. Do you deliberately want to make movies now rather than music videos or do you want to continue them?

I want to do everything and why not!

6. You say 5 dance songs that you did, which is your best choice.

Dilbar, Saki Saki, one cum zindigani, Garmi, Pepeta!

7. You have been a part of all the songs, which is a song that you can listen to loop and why?

I can hear Saki Saki in the loop because everything about it is so intense and powerful. There is such a feeling!

8. It is a known fact that every time you go out, people will get a wonderful look. What goes on to look stylish all the time? Are you actively involved in choosing your look?

Yes, I am a part of everything that actively involves me! I want to dress according to what vibe and it depends on my mood! But I firmly believe it always looks presentable, feminine and ambitious! Wheels and a beautiful bag are always a must whenever possible.

Nora Fatehi

9. People even look at you for a fit and extraordinary personality, tell us more about your exercise routine and the diet you follow?

I’m all about thickness and curve. Embracing my African gin and celebrating my femininity. I have been trying to gain weight for years. My diet and routine is different from many. I lose weight very fast and I don’t like it so I should always remember to eat enough carbohydrates and protein and never skip meals. Reduce stress as soon as I can which makes me skinny so fast, and of course stay active through some light resistance training to swim, dance and stay toned. It’s the age of curvy women and I’m here for it.

10. If an option is offered, name the top three managers you would like to work with.

If given the opportunity, I would like to work with every director in the world so that I can challenge my abilities to the maximum, but obviously, I would love to work with Sanjay Leela Bhansali, of course Zoya Akhtar, Remo D’Souza or Anurag Kashyap or Raj Kumar Hirani or Sujit Sarkar

11. What do you think has changed since stardom entered your life?

I don’t think I’ve still reached the stage where I think of myself as a star mentally, it says that, in fact, when I started, I gained a lot of experience that taught me that the same people who treated you badly chased you after you became famous. Start doing.

12. Nora is given the option to speak, who was struggling many years ago, what would you say?

If I had any choice, I would like to tell myself I am proud of how strong you are and you will go through all these problems. Don’t connect with temporary feelings and people, what you have is coming to you!

13. Tell us 2 things you want to happen in your life in another year.

(Jokes) At the moment there are three film deals with each of the top production houses in the industry. In addition to the joke, I want to give my best on each of my avenues, try different things and entertain the audience through everything.

14. Tell us your favorite quote or a line that you live with.

I’m a believer in action and I feel strongly, “whatever goes around, comes around.”

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