Northwest trolled Kim Kardashian by rapping her SNL

One thing about it, North West no doubt Kanye West girl. The teenage celebrity kid unexpectedly speaks her mind and pushes it! One person who constantly witnesses (and survives) her comment is mother Kim Kardashian. Most recently, Kim North was spotted performing her SNL rap song and the moment is all about laughter!

Kim shared a sticky flame with fans on her Instagram story about how her children are celebrating her 41st birthday. Apparently, North, St. and a few extra kids celebrated Kim in a house. Gathered in what can be seen in the living room, the kids are seemingly enjoying themselves.

A few days later, we hear and see Kim’s Saturday Night Live rap performance on the big screen. The song in the North video works while wandering around the house.

“I know you little girls don’t laugh at me,” Kim shouted. “For your information, I was not asleep. I was resting my eyes, why are you worried about me? But now I’m awake and … “

The clip is almost over with the North fake sleeping to match her mother’s power in the script. All the steps in the answer are rigorous and shaky, but the activity discussed is 100 perfect.

Meanwhile, Kim’s outgoing personality and the entertainment of her videos are tingling. North was heard laughing and laughing as he finished his dance.

Fortunately, this is not the first or last. We’ve heard Northwest let Kim stay on previous shows. Kim has joined a section “Mother’s confession“With The Ellen DeGeneres Show” and North shared the worst thing she’s ever been told.

Apparently, when the North is annoyed, he stabs Kim in the chosen home decor. He had said to your mother before, “Your house is very ugly, all white. Who lives like this?”

Kim goes on to say, “She thinks I like it, and it’s kind of bad because I like my house.”

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