Nusrat Bharuch’s family is shocked because of the little Peg’s clothes

Nusrat Varucha said that his parents and grandmother Sonu were “surprised” to see his clothes when the song “Titu Ki Sweety” was sung. However, once they were revived when they saw that the video was positively received and Nusrat’s appearance was appreciated. Nusrat starred opposite Karthik Aryan and Sunny Singh in ‘Chhote Chhote Peg’ and she wore a matching skirt with a red bralet and a slit on one side.

While talking to RJ Siddharth Kannan, Nusrat said that he had watched the video with his mother, father and grandmother on the day the music video was released. “They actually looked at me and asked me, ‘Is this the bra you’re wearing?’ I paused for two seconds and said, ‘This is a bralette. It has a term, it’s a styling term. “People wear it,” he said.

Nusrat Bharcha

He added, “Of course, they were a bit surprised, like, ‘Yeh keya hai (what is it)?’ It worked for the song, it worked for me, it looked beautiful, everyone said good things about it, it became a hit. I think from what happened, they realized that there is a reason to do certain things for a particular theme. Matlab agar is gane me yeh hai to yeh hai (if this is the demand of the song). It doesn’t take away from me. I didn’t fall for it, so it was easy for them to get over it. “

On the work front, Nusrat was recently seen in the movie ‘Chhori’. She played the role of a pregnant woman trying to save her unborn child from the hand of supernatural forces. He will next be seen in Hurdang with Sunny Singh and Vijay Verma and Ram Setu, where Akshay Kumar and Jacqueline Fernandez will also be present.

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