One person was strangled to death after trying to collect 400

A family gathered for a memorial on Sunday (October) to pay tribute to the lives of their relatives who were found unconscious on the roof of Brooklyn. Investigators believe a suspect strangled him to death for over 40.

The New York Daily News reports that EMS Solomon “Sol” carried Samuel’s lifeless body from the roof of a public housing building in the Brownville section of Borough on Friday night (October 1) and rushed him to Brookdale University Hospital.

But it’s too late. An eight-year-old appliance store worker died at the hospital.

The next day, police arrested Brooks Bailey, 44, and charged him with murdering a homeless man.

Samuel’s family confirmed to the newspaper, citing an autopsy by a city medical examiner, that he had been strangled. His sister, Gold Samuel, said Bailey owed his brother ড 400 and that the murder happened when he went to collect the money.

Victim’s brother Mark Samuel made some of his own investigations after authorities first dismissed his brother’s death as a possible drug overdose.

Mark asks around and discovers that his brother and Bailey have fought for money. He called the police area with the information collected.

“The ambulance wrote on the roof as a regular drug addict,” Mark said. “If I hadn’t done all the footwork and everything, it probably would have been left there.”

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Samuel’s family blamed his drug addiction for his decision to associate with the wrong people.

“My brother was a very nice guy, and if you asked him for something, he would give it to you,” Gold said. Even when my brother was addicted to drugs, he never asked me for money.

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