Only one black jury has been selected in the trial of the three accused in the murder of Ahmad Arberry

More than two weeks after a rigorous jury selection process, a panel of 12 people has finally been selected in the trial of the three men accused of killing Ahmedoub Arberry.

Only one of these judges, Black, reported CNN. The remaining 11 jurors were identified as white and were charged with assaulting incompetently qualified black jurors against the state’s alleged defense attorneys, on the basis of some ethnic strikes.

The court heard arguments for more than two hours on the merits of why the defense team hit potential judges for Gregory and Travis McMillan before Judge Timothy Walmsley finally denied the state’s motion and why black judges have legitimate reasons outside the race. Was dismissed.

Of the total 16 judges selected – including four alternate jurors – five are men and 11 are women, according to a pool reporter inside the courtroom. Lee Merritt, an attorney for Ahmad’s family, tweeted about the number of black potential judges remaining, saying in a post, “Only one in 16 potential judges is African-American.”

They will determine the fate of McMichales and their friend William “Roddy” Brian, who is accused of chasing and killing 25-year-old Ahmed while he was jogging in a Georgian suburb on February 23, 2020.

McMichales, who is not guilty, said they were conducting the arrest of a citizen of Ahmad whom they suspected of theft. Travis McMahon claims he shot Ahmed in self-defense with a shotgun.

According to an agent with the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, Brian, who recorded the video, hit Arberry with his truck after he joined McMichales to chase Arberry.

The men were arrested until a video of the shooting was released.

Jury selection was a difficult process for everyone because about 1,000 people were summoned and less than half attended.

Many of those who made it said they had already made strong opinions about the case or knew the defendants personally. Others say they are afraid to sit down because the outcome of the lawsuit could be on the Glenn County community because of the potential consequences.

The judge asked the jury to report on Friday morning because the trial would begin with an opening statement.

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