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Halloween is fast approaching, which means white people will have trouble getting back on social media (and maybe with their employers), with no curse considering themselves or their kids.

Every year we say the same thing. And every year, it seems to fall on deaf ears. There was a time when this white woman from Brazil adorned her son in black slave clothes with shackles, bloody bandages and whip marks.

Then there’s the UPS employee who wore the “Mummy” getup. There was a saloon owner who posted a video of the employee on Michael Jackson Blackface. And, of course, there is a list of politicians who held an account for misbehaving in their childhood, otherwise like the beloved Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Who obviously didn’t know better than to wear an “Arabian Nights” dress with a brown face at a party in 2001.

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I can spend the rest of this piece to table the stunning volume of Blackface, but we’ll be here all day. I actually came to explore an interesting discovery for Halloween in 2021: Harriet Tubman costumes – making California costumes for girls and women and available online through various retailers.

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For those of you who slept through the entire duration of your seventh-grade American history course, Harriet Tubman escaped from slavery and became a historical figure through his role in a network of other slave rescue networks known as the Underground Railroad. He has experienced a revival in recent years, including a rising illustration. Cynthia Arevo Along with the 2011 bi biopic Harriet, a name drop in the title of Phoebe Robinson’s sad Harriet Tubman, her new stand-up special at HBO Max. The 20 20 bill also has its place, which we were promised that has yet to materialize because all I can guess is to pull the bureaucratic ass.

Anyway, if there’s a historical figure, I’m perfectly fine with young black girls for Halloween, it’s Tubman. On the other hand, anyyyyyyonnnnne I can buy and wear this outfit, and I’m not entirely sure I’d like to see white people wearing Harriet Tubman’s outfits when they wander around looking for candy.

There is definitely a way that non-blacks can properly dress like famous black people (more in a second). But in this case, we’re talking about the possibility of a blonde-haired, blue-eyed girl-slash-woman swinging the gear of antebellum slavery while holding a purpose-driven lamp.

And let’s be clear – whites in Central America rarely know who Tubman is, let alone his costume for Halloween. I’m really worried about those “awakened” white mothers in Connecticut who have dressed their daughters as tubemen, if she is sent to school with the intention of “educating” her classmates.

There’s a lot better way to know about a tubeman than to be around a white boy dressed like him. But more importantly, there are other Halloween costumes, if whites insist on dressing up like black characters িক fictional or otherwise তারা they can come out without pitchforks and side eye comments.

((Photo by Roy Rochlin / Getty Images; Photo by David Redfern / Redfurns);

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Black leopard A great example. Many people like Marvel movies, comics or both and the 2018 movie set a world record, which means it wasn’t just black people in theaters. Of course, T’Challa has been an African kingdom since the character’s debut in 1966, but we’re talking about a skintight suit, a full face helmet and some nail gloves. Light work. If you try to go as late Chadwick Bosman In Blackface, however, you’ve gone too far and you’ll probably catch a beatdown.

Ever since I was little, I’ve seen women and men pull Tina Turner The costume you need is the wild, glamorous blonde wig of her personal dancer era, as well as the shortest, most dazzling sequined dress you can get your hands on and get heels longer than Burj Khalifa in Dubai. White people can pull it off without absolutely leather bronzer; It helps, however, if you don’t skip Leg Day, because Turner’s games didn’t come back that day.

If you’re not black and absolutely must positively celebrate Halloween as a respected black icon, I think it’s a civil rights legend. Rosa Park May be your safe choice. The most famous image of the park is sitting on a bus, wearing a hat, glasses and a simple nodescript coat and dress. It’s cheap, easy to pull off and not like a tubeman costume, not wrapped in the image of slavery.

Let me be clear, if you’re not part of the Black Diaspora, it’s not allowed to be sorted as a park for Halloween. However, it’s probably the summer jam screen that can keep you away from social media.

Dustin J. Siebert is a local Detroiter living in Chicago. He loves his own mom a little more than he likes singing and exercising every day so eating his french fries doesn’t catch up to him. Find him at wafflecolored.com.

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