Opinion: Why the Biden administration is responsible for America’s bullying past towards Haiti

People fleeing a devastating earthquake, a tropical storm, and ongoing political unrest are sitting, standing, and lying under a bridge in the scorching heat of Texas. Border patrol agents use whips on horses to carry asylum seekers all their belongings in small, plastic bags. A man standing in the middle of Rio Grande hugs a little boy.

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The migrants went to get food supplies from a camp in Del Rio, Texas on September 22, 2021

The migrants went to get food supplies from a camp in Del Rio, Texas on September 22, 2021

(Photo by John Moore / Getty Images)

These images of violence and abandonment are not only morally reprehensible, they violate the United States itself. Medical law for asylum seekers.

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The Biden administration has decided to send Haitian asylum seekers back to their island, a place the president himself recently described as dangerous and unsafe for repatriation. Ongoing mass deportation has been approved under Title 42 of the CDC, which allows for rapid deportation in the name of public health during the COVID-19 epidemic. Only half a million people were evacuated under the Trump administration under the law. The Biden administration has already used it to deport about 700,000 people.

It is important to look at history to understand the humanitarian catastrophe that the small Caribbean island nation has faced. In 1791, the first successful revolutionary revolt of the slaves took place in Haiti. For this victory, they were repeatedly punished, first, forcing them to pay French slaves for their lost profits, then through 20 years of long American occupation and collusion with brutal dictators. Now, again, the people of Haiti are suffering because of the relentless effects of climate change.

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CIUDAD ACUNA, MEXICO - September 22: U.S. Border Patrol agents monitor migrants near a refugee camp in Del Rio, Texas, seen on September 22, 2021 from Ciudad Acuna, Mexico.  U.S. immigration authorities are deporting plane loads of immigrants directly to Haiti, and others are reportedly being left in the United States to pursue their asylum claims.  (Photo by John Moore / Getty Images)

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Despite the catastrophic damage to US imperialism, the country’s relations with Haitian immigrants have consistently been strained. The Clinton administration regularly deported Haitians. In 2016, the Obama administration began mass deportations of Haitians, who were granted temporary protection status after the 2010 earthquake that killed nearly 200,000 people. Ten months later, the country’s first cholera outbreak caused by a UN peacekeeping camp killed 10,000 more people, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Two months later, when he entered office, the president Donald Trump New restrictions, high walls, and seemingly never-ending expansion of cages were promised. Now, the Biden administration continues its racist U.S. legacy by allowing tragic violence against a community fleeing devastation and over the basic (and legal) human rights of their asylum.

If the Biden administration wants to deliver on its campaign promises to end the Trump administration’s brutal immigration policy, they must focus on the Haitian voice and listen to the Haitian Bridge Alliance, HERF, Baji, The Black Collective and UndoBlack Network of experts. Demanding the closure of expulsion flights to send Haitian migrants back to the horrific situation they fled, and that they immediately grant humanitarian parole to black asylum seekers.

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Haitian migrants cross the Rio Grande River to get food and water in Mexico, as seen on September 22, 2021, from the Mexican state of Sihuda Akuna, Coahuila.  The causes of the immigration crisis affect two neighboring countries. "It's time to talk enough, it's time to act," Lopez Obrador told reporters when thousands of Haitians and other immigrants gathered on Mexico's northern border to enter the United States.  (Photo by Pedro Purdo / AFP) (Photo by Getty Images from Petro Purdo / AFP)

Photo: Petro Purdo / AFP via Getty Images

There are several clear demands from these black voices for the Biden administration to take action. They must immediately:

Stop Dep Deportation and stop the use of Title 42 at the border and at all ports of entry.

Arrange for massive humanitarian parole for Haitians.

H Defend and Divest from DHS, ICE and CBP

Invest in humanitarian, overall immigration policy

There is nothing that no one can say that we can delete all the pictures we have witnessed in the last few days. There is no rationale for what the Biden administration can offer after horrific demonstrations of state-sanctioned violence against asylum seekers in the wake of the disaster. Just an old scene of violence that goes back to the days of Chattel slavery and the unreasonable suffering of blacks seeking freedom. The Haitian people have shown incredible vision and resilience throughout their history. They are sacred, precious and inviolable. After all, the life, rights and security of every Haitian immigrant seeking asylum in the United States is important.

Dr. Ama is our Enya He is the Policy and Research Coordinator of the Movement for Black Lives and the Managing Director of Diaspora Rising. He is a strategist and public policy expert working in local and national policy as well as international affairs / foreign policy with expertise in Africa, Central Asia and Latin America. He writes extensively on education, workforce development, economic development, fiscal policy, equality in policy, and system thinking. He has focused on master’s degree in education, law degree and PhD in education policy.

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