Orange Harris was attacked for telling the ‘shameful past’ of Columbus Day

Orange Harris He is being criticized as “anti-American” after commenting on the country’s “shameful past” by European settlers 500 years ago.

Commenting on the “shameful past” of European explorers at the 78th annual conference of the American Indians National Congress in Portland on Tuesday, he said they brought a “wave of destruction” for Americans when they arrived.

“Since October 1934, every October, the United States has recognized the voyage of European explorers who first landed on the American coast,” Harris told reporters. “But that’s not the whole story. That wasn’t the whole story. Those investigators brought a wave of destruction to the indigenous people – violence, land theft and disease.”

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The Vice President’s remarks come a day after Columbus Day, which is increasingly being replaced or celebrated as Indigenous Day – a celebration of the past and present of Native Americans. Monday, President Biden Holidays recognized for the first time at the federal level.

Many on Twitter have called Vice President Harris’s decline in indigenous genocide “non-American.” One wrote, “Orange says (white?) Americans should be ashamed and remorseful for the history of racist settlers 400 years ago. SMDH. Dames certainly decided they needed more crime and division, other plans didn’t work. Another tweeted, “A vice president of the United States who actually hates the United States. La Orange Harris: European Investigators ‘Bring Wave of Destruction’

See the part of Orange Harris’s speech below.

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