Oregon school employee fired after wearing ‘Blackface’ as Rosa Park to protest vaccine mandate

A woman’s protest against a vaccine mandate enforced by the Oregon School District may cost her a job but the way she protested has thrown her into hot water.

The staff member, who could not be identified, reported to the primary school he works at in Portland, a suburb of “Blackface”. As a clear protest against the school district’s vaccine order for employees, reports the Washington Post.

It is alleged that the woman was wearing a Rosa Park dress and used dye to blacken her face. The school district confirmed the Blackface incident on Monday, saying the employee had been removed from Mabel Rush Elementary School and was now on administrative leave, and issued a statement saying it “condemned all expressions of racism.”

“It’s important to remember how Blackface has been used to misrepresent and harm the black community. We acknowledge the violence we represent and regardless of the trauma it causes, “the statement said.

Greg Coskela, communications coordinator for Newberg Public Schools, declined to confirm whether the woman wore a black face in protest of the vaccination order in an email sent to the Washington Post.

“We’re not commenting on the employee’s intentions, because it doesn’t matter: the action itself is unacceptable,” Coskela said.

The governor of Oregon announced in August that all teachers, staff and volunteers in public schools in the state must be fully vaccinated by Oct. 18.

Many school districts are making vaccination mandatory for school faculty and staff members to prevent the spread of coronavirus delta diversity.

Oregon is not alone. California, Washington and several other states have issued statewide orders. Some jurisdictions offer weekly coronavirus discounts for those willing to test, but Oregon does not.

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