Ori Fletcher has asked for prayers because of serious health problems

They say that closed mouth feeding is not, so there is no problem in asking what you want or want. Ari Fletcher did just that today. He showed a weak side of himself when he opened his mouth about a serious health problem. He asked people on Twitter to pray for him.

Ari tweeted, “I’m not right at the moment. I have a serious health problem. I’m in pain, and I’m down. I’ll be fine. Becoming as strong as ever! Pray for me, love everyone so much! Today is not the only day he has talked about his health. Yesterday he further tweeted that he was going through the worst pain and got no help. She ended the tweet saying she needed a home nurse.

Fans began to question why he asked people to pray on social media. If you think, on various occasions, Ori has called a lot of people who have shared their opinions “broken”. One fan commented, “Does he need the prayers of the same man he calls 24/7 broken? Isn’t that something.” Another commented, “Not our broken prayers.” .

“I don’t want you to pray for me,” Ori wrote. I wasn’t talking bad breath to you. ”The influencer and mom didn’t solve the problem in our comments. He went back to his Twitter to clarify from whom he was requesting prayers. “If I ever called you annoying or called you a ** b *** hour climbing crate, I wasn’t talking to you when I asked for prayer. I’m sick. This does not mean that my personality has changed. Don’t confuse it, fool, ”said Ori.

We wish Ari a speedy recovery!

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