Parlez-Vaux Franchise? No? You could read it in French

The battle of the visitor center in Boyan

You will read here in French if the war here had gone the other way.

It is the center of explanation of the war of weaving at Oldham House, Ireland. The battle itself was fought nearby.

Why is conflict so important? It was a scrap for the spirit of Ireland and even for Europe, there was a fight between William of Orange and James II.

King Billy, often called in Northern Ireland, snatched the British crown from James two years ago.

James, a Catholic, rallied forces with the support of Irish Catholics from Louis XIV of France. William was a Dutch Protestant, thus at first level it was a sectarian war between rival religions.

James saw it as a way to restore his crown through the back door – to conquer Ireland as a base from which to fight in Protestant Britain.

Cannons from war.

Apple flowers bloom in the garden on the walls of the battlefield

But from a broader perspective it was also an important battle in the Great War where major European powers sought to subdue France through the support of Pope Alexander VIII, clearly Europe’s most powerful nation at the time.

If James had won the war, it would have had a knock-effect that would have seen France become the ruler of the whole of Europe. And French has probably become a major language.

Instead, William’s forces, due to higher numbers and weaker Jacobite genius, took over the day.

James fled to France, and although fighting continued for several more months with clashes in other parts of Ireland, it was largely over for Jimmy Boy and his French comrades. There was a balance of power on the continent.

Wikipedia has a very good article on Boyne’s war. Read here.

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