Past and Present – Utah Shakespeare Festival

Closely tied to the production of the festival Intimate clothing, The Southern Utah Museum of Art (SUMA) is exhibiting Corset as art: past and present.

The show, which has been generously sponsored by Shelley Berkeley and Dr. Larry Lehner, features countless corsets from different eras and styles, ranging from utilitarian to beautiful.

Guest curator Laura Crowe said, “Some of these objects display extraordinary sewing craftsmanship, but many of the three-dimensional objects that are created from an artistic mind create three-dimensional art using a variety of methods.” “One of the tasks is to dress up for the presence of actress Scarlett Johansson Live Saturday night And made entirely with plastic myelin. ”

Festival production Intimate clothing The heartbreaking yet hopeful story of Easter, an African American woman in the early 10,000s, who creates intricate pieces of lingerie for a wealthy customer and also seeks love and acceptance. Written by two-time Pulitzer Prize winner Lin Knotz and directed by actor, theater educator and director Tasia A. Jones, Intimate Clothing explores the social divisions of race, religion, equality, class and gender.

“I was thrilled when the festival’s executive producer, Frank Mack, approached me about drama and partnerships,” said Suma executive director Jessica Kinsey. “As the Art Museum at the Beverly Center for the Arts, it’s a great example of how we can combine performing and visual arts.”

“It’s the perfect companion part of our highly acclaimed production Intimate clothing, “ Added Don Jersey, Festival Director of Development and Communications. “Watch the play then go to the museum and learn about the corset and cottage art that illustrates the play.”

Located in the northwest corner of the Suma Beverly Center for the Arts, just steps from the Festival Theater. Visit www.suu.edu/suma for more information about Suma Monday through Saturday from 11am to 6pm.

The 2021 season of the festival will run until October 9thPericles, Richard III, The Comedy of Errors, The Pirates of Penance, Ragtime, Symboline, Intimate Clothing,AndHorrible comedy. Tickets are available by calling -00-Platix or by visiting www.bard.org.

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