Pennsylvania Attorney General sues influential Dana Channel for scandalizing small business owners

More than a year after a page dedicated to bringing down the Dana Channel for alleged scams, influencers are now suing Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro.

The Christian entrepreneur, who often stays by the side of her husband and co-influence Prince Donnell, has been accused of cracking down on small business owners, especially black businesses. He is the founder of the Carl Bible as well as the Christian mobile app, Sprinkle of Jesus.

Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro said in a press release, “The Dana Channel has created a following online by presenting itself as a small business success story owned by a black woman.” “He advertised his company’s products as a way for other black small business owners to achieve what he did. Then, he tore up the community he claimed to care for.”

The lawsuit alleges that Dana Chanel and her company co-owners যারা mainly family members ক্ত misled consumers and failed to deliver on their promises.

The lawsuit specifically named the companies Credit Exterminators Inc. And Alakazam Apps, LLC, which prides itself on mobile app development services for small businesses.

Dana Chanel co-owns and manages the Credit Examiners / Arn Company with her sister Cassandra April Olivera, and her father runs Alcazam Apps with Nokia Night.

One of the alleged scandals involves Dana Channel being accused of dragging out a consumer who paid াজ 2,000 to Alcazam Apps, believing he would work directly with Dana and his team to bring a custom app to life for his nonprofit.

The lawsuit alleges that the woman never received the app and tried to contact the company more than 10 times on the phone, but never heard from them or got back.

Another consumer complained that he had signed up with credit executors with the understanding that they would settle criminal credit accounts on his behalf. A few months after paying for the service, the woman claims she received a letter of pay from a creditor that she believes the credit executors have resolved.

The woman added that she paid ানা 2,000 to Dana Chanel and that she never paid for the refund or the service.

“It’s tough enough for workers in Philadelphia these days,” Shapiro said. “We can’t break the law on bad actors and make it more difficult for people to solve their bad credit or keep their small businesses running.”

Last August, Dana Channel denied several scamming allegations shared on an Instagram account dedicated to exposing her alleged scams.

Consumers who think they have been victimized by Alcazam Apps, Credit Examiner and / or Arn Company are being asked to report it here. www.attorneygeneral.gov/submit-a-complaint Or contact the Bureau of Consumer Protection at 800-441-2555 or [email protected].

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