Philadelphia police have approved a bill banning small traffic stops

Rumiz, California Governor Gavin Newsom, is not the only change that will positively impact his state for residents. Over the past few weeks, he has been signing bills left and right, and it seems that Pennsylvania politicians are also making waves. This week in Philadelphia was memorable because a bill has been enacted to eliminate problems between divers and law enforcement during traffic stops, making Philadelphia the first major city to issue such a bill!

According to ABC 6, Philadelphia City Council passed the Driving Equality Bill on Thursday. The bill would change the way traffic is stopped, with a primary goal of the police, to stop racial discrimination. The report says Philly is a city where people of color are pulled.4 times more than white residents.

The Driving Equality Bill prohibits officers from pulling drivers for minor traffic violations, from damaged tail lights to expired registrations. These crimes are usually used as an excuse for traffic stops and vehicle searches. The report said that these “unreasonable” stops were used unequally against Black and Latino drivers, leading to additional fees and further distrust of the police.

Those involved, such as council member Isaiah Thomas, who drafted the bill, hope it will fight racial profiling because of the events he witnessed and those who personally influenced him in the city of brotherhood. Council member Thomas said, “It’s a practice for black men to be dragged by law enforcement. It’s something we all know we have to go through.”

An amazing bill that the City Council voted 1-2-2 only has Mayor Kenny’s signature left to go for the Driving Equality Bill. Rumis, we’ll keep you updated as more information becomes available.

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