Philadelphia settled for 2 million

Rickia Young, a mother who was dragged out of her car and beaten by Philadelphia police in front of her baby, has reached a 2 million settlement agreement with the city.

The young man inadvertently erupted in protest in October 2020 in protest of the police killing of Walter Wallace, Jr. But more than a dozen police officers got into the car, smashed his car window and dragged Young and his 16-year-old nephew out of the car.

In a viral video captured by viewers, officers beat women and young teenagers with sticks, bleeding and injuring them. They then handcuffed the pair and separated Yang from his nephew and his 2-year-old son for a few hours. Young’s deaf child has lost his hearing due to confusion.

In a viral social media post deleted by the Fraternal Order of Police, a photo of a Philadelphia officer holding Young’s son, he wrote: ”

Young’s lawyers report that this is the largest settlement in Philadelphia history for a non-fatal incident. But they say this settlement is not enough for this terror and continued suffering this family.

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According to CBS Philadelphia, Young said, “Showing me in the role of such a mother for those who did not notice where her children were during the chaos around them.”

Young and his lawyers say it’s not about financial settlement. They want the district attorney to file a complaint against every officer involved in the incident. They are also suing the National Brotherhood Order.

According to The New York Times, Philadelphia Police Commissioner Daniel Outlaw also said in a statement that the behavior of some of the officers involved in the incident “violated the mission of the Philadelphia Police Department.”

“Indeed, the ability of officers and supervisors at the scene to isolate the situation was abandoned,” Outlaw said, “and instead of fighting crime and fear of crime, some officers at the scene created an environment that terrified Rikia Young, her family and other members of the public.” .

Internal Affairs conducts its own investigation and dismisses two officers. Another 14 are awaiting disciplinary action through a Divisional Police Board investigation.

“It was nothing more than an attack that would be carried out by any random street thug and they should be treated the same,” Thomas Fitzpatrick, a lawyer for Young, told CBS Philadelphia.

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