Police bodycam video shows Chicago officer violently walking his dog with black woman

A Chicago police surveillance agency recently released footage from a police body cam showing what happened when a white Chicago police officer tried to walk a black woman with her dog in a closed park, ABC News Report

Nikita Brown He said he was following an officer’s order to leave Lincoln Park near the lakefront on Aug. 2, when the encounter turned violent.

The video, released Sept. 22, shows the officer identifying himself and showing his badge at Brown’s request. However, the masked officer ignored his request for social distance because he feared being exposed to the Covid-1 virus.

“Respect your place? I’m going to handcuff you,” said the officer identified by Brown’s attorney. Bruce Dyker, Responded.

Eventually, their face is physically transformed, with a blow that lasts more than a minute without arrest, ABC News Report

According to WFLDThe video, released by the Civilian Office of Police Accountability (COPA), included footage of the officer’s body camera and third-party cell phones and surveillance video.

In the body cam video, the officer is seen getting out of his squad car and approaching Brown.

“Get out of the park! Don’t you understand?” He shouted at Brown and warned him that he would have to go to jail for violating the closed park.

In a heated exchange, Brown told Dyker to leave and he threatened to handcuff him. The bodycam video ends by asking his officer his name and badge number.

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Sep September, Brown told ABC Good morning America He pulls out his mobile phone to record the encounter and call for help.

Brown said he “wanted to leave at least one voicemail and say, ‘If you call me in the morning and you don’t reach me, I’m in jail, or worse.’

The Bystander video shows Dyker trying to confront Brown whose little dog tried to protect him.

Meanwhile, surveillance videos released by the COPA show Dyker confronting other people. However, no audio was recorded revealing what was said.

Brown’s attorney said racial profiling was involved because Dyker did not face whites who were still in the park in the same way he treated Brown aggressively, calling it a “brutal, ineffective and illegal attack.” WFLD Said.

According to ABC News, Dyker has 24 allegations of misconduct in his file and has been chained three times. The COPA is still investigating Dyker’s confrontation with Brown and will submit its recommendation to the Chicago Police Super David Brown.

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