Police charged Farah Carter with murder, 15

On Tuesday (September 1), Florida authorities announced charges against a suspect they believe had been brutally murdered. Farah Carter About two decades ago when he was 15 years old.

Joseph Pollard, 56, was formally charged with first-degree murder, the Miramar Police Department said. Tweeted. Advances in DNA technology have linked Pollard to murder.

Pollard, who stabbed the teenager more than once in his home, left a gruesome crime scene, already in jail for an unrelated case.

On May 22, 2002, Farha’s mother saw her daughter stabbed in her bedroom People. Investigators found no evidence of forced entry. In one fight, Farah apparently hit his killer, leaving evidence of the killer’s blood at the scene of the crime.

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Pollard is currently serving a life sentence for kidnapping, robbery and assault.

Farah’s mother, Kim Battle, told a news conference: “It’s very pleasurable in a sense, but what would life be like if she weren’t here, to see her children as a mother,” police said, according to CBS News Miami.

Farrar’s father, Tony CarterHe said he thinks about his daughter every day.

“I miss my baby very much. I was at his grave on Friday and laid some flowers. I told him they had caught the man who had done this to him, “he said.

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