Pooja Bhatt condemns multinational company for withdrawing advertisement shown to a lesbian couple

Filmmaker Pooja Bhatt has slammed one of India’s largest multinational consumer goods companies and withdrew an ad after apologizing for a lesbian couple celebrating Karwa Chauth. Madhya Pradesh Home Minister Narottam Mishra also apologized to the company after criticizing the ad. “Boss yahi karte raho (keep doing it) .. Slam, bum, ban! So much for being the ‘mother’ of democracy! Sorry a monster like #Dabur refused to stand behind their Eddie. Although I don’t support justice. I saved my comment because they tried to celebrate inclusion and #PRIDE, so why hide now? ” Pooja Bhatt wrote on Twitter.

The ad for the product shows a lesbian couple celebrating Karwa Chauth together. As part of the ritual, married women fast on that day, wishing their husbands safety and longevity. The ad was shared on the company’s social media portal and has now been removed. “Fem’s Karwachauth campaign has been withdrawn from all social media handles and we unconditionally apologize for unintentionally hurting people’s feelings,” the brand wrote on Twitter.

Puja Bhat

“Before filing the FIR for hurting religious sentiments, I asked them to send a warning to withdraw the advertisement. It is good that they have withdrawn the advertisement and apologized for it,” Madhya Pradesh Home Minister Narottam Mishra told a leading daily.

“I think this is a serious matter. Further because such advertisements and clippings are made only on the rituals of Hindu festivals. They (ad) saw lesbians celebrate Karva Chauth and saw each other through a sieve. In the future, they will show the two men to take ‘fera’ (marrying each other according to Hindu rites). This is objectionable, “he said in a statement on Monday.

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