President Biden says emergency responders who refuse to comply with the vaccine mandate should be fired

President Biden spoke at his town hall on Thursday evening on a variety of issues, but some of his controversial remarks revolved around police, emergency response and vaccines. The vaccine mandate has begun to hit healthcare workers in some states, and Biden appears to be a pro-vaccine order for first responders as well.

Anderson Cooper raised the question with President Biden, who asked his thoughts on 1-in-3 emergency responders who are refusing to comply with the city’s vaccine order. Cooper explicitly asked Biden whether emergency responders who do not vaccinate should be suspended or “given up” and his answer was a simple “yes”.

“Yes and yes,” Biden said. “Anyway I waited until July to talk about being compelled because I tried everything else. The commands are working. All the people leaving, you have the people of United Airlines and all these airlines, all 96%, 97% of the people have been vaccinated.

Although the discussion is speculative, it is very reasonable that the order of the vaccine for first responders will soon take effect. As we mentioned earlier, in a city like New York, health workers need to be fully vaccinated to maintain their position in the workplace. These healthcare “heroes” risk suspension or termination if they do not comply.

Biden’s comments have received mixed reactions from the general public. While some people on social media argue that a vaccine order is required for first responders, others are not here for it.

One user commented, “I don’t agree because there were nurses, doctors, emergency responders, etc.” Now if they don’t want to get it, will they lose their jobs? “

“Good! Yes, fire the police, the firefighters, all those who refuse to be vaccinated,” wrote another user. Wait or get a period! ”

So far, there are local orders for government employees in cities such as Chicago, Los Angeles, Baltimore and New York.

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