Priyanka Chopra co-host Julian Huff responds to ‘Tone Deaf’ criticism of The Activist

Priyanka Chopra faced a major setback online when it was announced that she would be a judge in a series where six workers would stand against each other to find the next great worker. “On Thursday, CBS announced a five-week series, The Activist, which will pit six international activists against each other to bring about change in an urgent global crisis such as health, education and climate change. Will run through, which will measure their success by social media metrics and their own opinions, ”said popular Instagram page Diet Prada.

Now, Julian Huff has responded to criticism surrounding the show. “After the press release announcing The Activist, I heard you say that the show was functional, promoting pseudo-activism over real activism, deafness like Black Mirror, The Hunger Games, and the hosts were not worthy of evaluation activism because we are celebrities and Not employees, ”he wrote on Instagram. He said, “I heard you say that there was hypocrisy in the show because at the root of the activism is the fight against capitalism and the trauma that it caused so many people and the show itself seemed to be a shiny capitalist effort.”

Priyanka Chopra

He added that the show’s ‘standing against each other’s parts’ makes it feel like an oppressive Olympics. “And because of all this, there is a sense of humiliation, inhumanity, insensitivity and trauma that is being duly felt. I do not claim to be an employee and sincerely agree that the judge aspect of the show has gone awry and moreover I am not qualified to act as a judge, ”he said.

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