Protesters announce former Detroit police chief’s governorship News

Former Detroit Police Chief James Craig He was officially announced to bid for the governorship of Michigan on Tuesday morning (September 1) by angry protesters over the Republican candidate’s bid.

According to Detroit Free Press, About 50 people chanted slogans like “Black Lives Matter” and “No Justice, No Peace, James Craig is still a policeman” when he tried to talk about his new candidacy.

After many attempts to speak, Craig shouted, “I have one thing to say: I’m running for governor!” Then he left.

Craig was surrounded by supporters at the time of his planned announcement who pushed back against protesters putting pressure on him and his team.

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Moments after Craig was driven into a black SUV, the Free Press reported that his spokesman said he would return at some point. Protesters later boasted and shouted that the governorate candidate had resigned.

Last summer, protesters from the activist group Detroit Will Breath criticized the way Craig and his department responded to their protests. The city eventually sued the protesters but lost that legal battle.

The Free Press reports that Craig previously spoke about his experience in law enforcement and made it a key element of his platform. He was also a staunch supporter of gun owners’ rights – even claiming that Detroit’s crime rate would drop if more civilians were armed.

Craig’s candidacy is already in the crowded GOP field, if anyone can defeat the current government. Gretchen Whitmer Next year.

Craig served as Detroit’s police chief for about eight years before retiring in the summer.

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