Q&A with scenic designer Joe Winnierski – Utah Shakespeare Festival

Mountains of gold, With the musical premiering at the Utah Shakespeare Festival this month, it’s a beautiful show — with story and acting, but also visuals. Spectacular designer Joe Winiarski, who is responsible for some of that beauty, recently answered a few questions about the process of designing the show.

He has designed for off-Broadway theaters and regional theaters across the country. He has designed more than forty shows at the Utah Shakespeare Festival, including Fidler on the Roof, The Glass Menagerie, The Music Man, The Winter’s Tale, Les Misrabbles, Twelve Angry Man, And Peter and Starcatcher. In 2009, he was nominated for an Emmy Award and in 2012 received the Broadway World Central New York Award. He has created a natural design for it. Late at night with Seth Meyers, Amy nominated Colbert Christmas Special, MTC Real World, And Turner Latin America Upfront.

Mountain of gold Preview on November 4 and opens on November 5 at the West Valley Performing Arts Center. Tickets are available here wvcarts.org/gold-mountain.

Utah Shakespeare Festival: Why are you excited for this play?

Joe Wienersky: It’s exciting to be involved in a world premiere production. I think the piece is unique in its storytelling and staging.

Festival: What has been the hardest / most rewarding part of working? Mountain of gold?

Viniersky: I think working on a multi-location musical in a theater designed round is rewarding and challenging because many locations have to be filled for natural design without changing the traditional scene that a proscenium theater offers.

The Festival: What do you think the audience is most excited about?

Viniersky: This is amazing cast.

The Festival: How long have you been involved in theater?

Viniersky: I have been working professionally since 2003. I think my first theater experience was acting in Freda Fasttalk Fugitive Snowman In the second class

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