Queen Latifa’s dog ‘Doug Whisper’ star Caesar killed by Milan’s Pete Bull, lawsuit claims | Celebrities

A pit bull owned by a dog trainer Caesar Milan Owned a dog Queen Latifah, Killing them, a new lawsuit alleges.

According to Atlanta Journal-Constitution, The reality TV star also allegedly tried to cover up the attack by instructing her staff to tell the actress that her dog had been hit by a car.

A January 2018 Twitter post featured a picture of Latifa with Militan, with the caption: “I had my first training with @cesarmillan for new kids! Already learning a lot !!! “

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The dog, named Junior, allegedly showed a pattern of aggression. Latifah has never taken legal action against Milan, nor has he made any public claims about the alleged incident.

TMZ reported that the alleged incident was merely a legal action Surgery They also claim a former gymnast claimed that the same dog attacked him in 2017, ruining his career.

Lydia Mattis The 52-year-old Milan alleges negligence and cheating with a series of aggressions by the dog and wants indefinite financial loss for the famous trainer “to punish and / or set an example”.

According to TMZ, Mattis, whose mother once worked for Milon, said the dog had a history of violence but was still allowed to roam the Milan office.

Mattis said that when he met his mother in 2017, the dog allegedly attacked him. The lawsuit alleges that the alleged attack was so bad that it prevented the gymnast from competing. Mattis claimed that the dog hit him in the leg, leaving him with serious injuries as well as “embarrassment, loss of self-esteem, disrespect, humiliation and loss of enjoyment of life”.

“Junior had a vicious and dangerous tendency and was prone to attack, bite, mold, mime and distort people and other animals around him.”

According to New York Daily News, Jr. died at the age of 15 years.

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