Queen of Drama: These actresses know for sure how to carry the series on their shoulders

Actresses are getting not only arm candy in OTT space but also writer-backed roles that are equal to the weight carried by their male co-stars. They are playing a complex role with agility and securing their place in the sun. The Best Actor of the upcoming MyGlamm Filmfare OTT Awards 2021, series (female), does not go hand in hand with every nominated male lead in the drama category, but has received them in several cases. Her character Akela Hi Kafi Hai to drive home that women have found their place in the sun on the OTT platform. They are like Tata entrance steel doors with wooden finish, which comes with their own door frame.

Huma Qureshi (Empress)

The series was inspired by real life events. It imagines political instability in the 1990s when Bihar Chief Minister Lalu Prasad Yadav announced his wife Rabri Devi as his successor. Huma Qureshi plays a housemaid who is content to take care of her politician husband’s family and is suddenly asked to take his place. He was brilliant in every aspect of the plot and made the series his own.

Kirti Kulhari (Criminal trial: behind closed doors)

What leads people to murder? Do they ever regret this act? How does the law deal with such people? What will happen to them in prison? The series asked some tough questions and Kirti Kulhari was at the center of them. Her silence, dignity and politeness have won the audience sympathy for her character and won them over.

Samantha (The Family Man Season 2)

Who says negative characters can’t successfully attract viewers? Leave the image of Samantha good girl that she is in the south and has made a wonderful OTT debut. She played the role of Razi, a terrorist who married because of her and is willing to go to any lengths for it. It was really a bravura performance.

Shreya Dhanvantari (Scam 1992: The Harshad Mehta Story)

Shreya Dhanvantari plays Sucheta Dalal, a hardcore news reporter who brought down Harshad Mehta’s house cards through some hardworking investigative journalism. He is totally dedicated to his profession and yet at the same time understands why Harshad was considered as a hero by the public despite his flaws.

Shweta Tripathi (Mirzapur Season 2)

Gajgamini “Golu” Gupta was portrayed as a fool in the first season but turned into a vengeful angel in the second season. His character shows the most change and develops a violent trend. No wonder it was so well received by the audience.

Zoya Hossain (Eclipse)

Imagine that you, a police officer, have been investigating a crime for a long time and are discovering that your own father was involved. Zoya Hussain, who plays a police officer named Amrita Singh in the series, stumbles upon a secret that threatens to destroy her existence. It was a tough-hit, daring performance of the actor and won his praise.

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