Rapper Nonam opens new library in Los Angeles focusing on the black experience

Chicago’s papyrus Nameless On October 2, the Radical Hood Library officially opened in Los Angeles with the goal of giving people of color a free repository of cultural and political literature.

“This is a black-led organization created to serve black / brown people and the RSVP priorities will reflect this,” according to a Twitter invitation announcing the grand opening.

Born Fatema Neima Warner, Nonam, who grew up in the Bronxville community of Chicago but moved to Los Angeles early in his career, tweeted that he was inspired by his mother, who sold books centered on black people.

An Instagram post explained how the library would benefit inmates.

The note said, “We can use our profits to send about 1,000 books per month to our incarcerated members who have started organizing non-book chapters in various prisons.” “We provide free books / classes to our local community.”

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According to Rolling stone, The “Don’t Forget About Me” paper has spent the last two years creating a book club called Her Monthly Reunion, which sheds light on the basic thinking of color writers. There are 12 local chapters in major cities, including Boston and London. He began construction of the library’s headquarters in January.

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