Raven-Simon says she ‘got catfish’ to join ‘The View’

There’s a new podcast that takes us past the present and the present from ABC’s daily talk shows, Scene. In its most recent episode Philosophy: Behind the table (October 12), co-host Sarah Haynes Sitting with former co-organizers Raven-Simon 6, Candace Cameron Bure Those who attended the show in 2015 and both of them were there for a clear conversation about the emotions-ups-and-downs experienced on the show.

The 35-year-old joined Scene Cameron Burr joined at the start of the 19th season as co-host at the end of the 18th season. Both successful child actors, the two said they both felt pressured to speak up for the community they represented; Cameron Bure is a devout Christian and Simon is part of the LGBTQ + community.

Symoné explained that after being a guest host a few times, he was asked to attend roundtable meetings full time. However, he claims that the daytime chat festival that was originally given to him was completely different from his actual experience, which made his feeling “catfish”.

“I got the catfish,” Simoni said. “I thought I’d go to a show like Candace, where it was pop culture and fun and exciting and I got catfish and I learned a good lesson.”

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Simone notes that he didn’t know the show would turn so much into politics and he was always away from that conversation. He has also emerged as the only LGBTQ + member of the Roundtable Conversation and has pushed to be the face of his community.

“The only reason I really got through the things I got was because of Hoopy [Goldberg] And the producers, too, “he explained.” There are some amazing things behind The View’s screen that salvage all the BS running on camera that we’ve been able to endure for as long as we have. “

Listen to the episode here.

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