React to ‘Dear White Man’ producer Dave Chappell’s comment Celebrities

Dave Chappell Recent jokes for Netflix have caused a lot of reactions, especially to jokes about LGBTQ people, especially transgender people. An unexpected turn, the reaction is now drawing its own response.

Jacqueline Moore – A trans woman and the main creator of another Netflix series, Dear white people – Chapel made waves on Twitter the day after his exclusion from the special chapel platform, announcing that he would boycott the platform in protest of Netflix’s support for the chapel. But Moore almost immediately gives birth to resentment when people discover that he is white.

“Tap a microphone. After the chapel special, I can’t do it anymore. I won’t work for that Netflix unless they promote and benefit from dangerous transphobic content,” Moore posted on Instagram with his screenshot of Anti-Trans. Tweet to Chapel and Netflix for:

While many have celebrated Moore’s decision to take a stand, others have pointed to the embarrassment of a white man performing a black show and then protesting a black comedian:

Moore reiterated his role in the series by retweeting in response to the outrage of a white creation led by the beloved White People. He wrote, “I was hired by Justin Simeone to write for the first White People a season ago.

Netflix canceled Dear white people A year ago, it announced that its fifth season would be over. Five seasons of the series premiered on September 22nd.

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