Ready for the best sleep of your life? Bearaby finally at Nordstrom

Bearby-weighted blankets are new to Nordstrom, but one of them was Too Long follow loyal. Here’s what some Bearabi buyers said about Bearabi weighted blankets.

A buyer who says, “The Best Weighted Blanket,” in detail, “I’ve used several weighted blankets and it’s the best so far. No unwanted toxic beads, no polyester cover for hard removal and replacement after washing. Just pure, Thick, organic cotton and the whole blanket is machine washable. I love it! “

Another shared, “I’m sleeping better! I like this blanket! I was pleasantly surprised. I had two more weighted blankets. I didn’t like them but a friend was wild about his beer so I thought I’d try it. I like it.” It’s not hot at all – I’m a menopausal woman so it’s quite acceptable.I’m 5’2 with 15 pounds and I want to get about 20 years. Do it! The way it is kept is unique and deeply comforting. “

One reviewer said, “I stopped buying it because I once had a weighted blanket and I wasn’t impressed. Then there was a lot of talk about it in the community I follow, I finally bought it in bunches after 7 months. Best shopping. It’s Nice and hugs me and me, but I’m not feeling dull. Can’t recommend enough. Worth the price! “

“I have four Bearby blankets. I find them comforting and impressive,” one buyer wrote.

Someone else said, “I fell in love with my napkin. I had two more weighted blankets and it’s the best so far.”

One Beyrabi owner shared, “There’s enough pressure to calm me down and I’m not moving all night. I sleep fairly well most nights. If you have trouble with your body temperature, it’s a blanket for you. It doesn’t warm you up. Like other weighted blankets.” I have used my sisters from other brands Read more about the review Love this blanket!

One fan shared, “The cotton napper is as beautiful and functional as I expected it would be! I’ve been doing it for about a week, and since then my sleep hasn’t been bad. Blanket and I’m glad I did! “

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