Reggie-Jean Page is still the favorite to replace Daniel Craig next to James Bond

Although the fans are still heartbroken Reggie-Jean Page Will not be back next season Bridgeton On Netflix, it appears that the actor is still the number one choice to be the next James Bond.

Current James Bond, Daniel Craig, Later decided to step down from the role No time to die, Which will be released in theaters on Friday 8. October.

The title is also the first black woman to be portrayed in 007 No time to die. British actress Lashana Lynch Nomi is starring opposite Craig in the 25th installment of the spy thriller. Lynch told CNN.com that he thinks the next bond “could go either way.”

“I think when you’re rebuilding something that has finally turned white, any black man, Asian man, mixed-race man you’re going to focus on his color and it’s not a conversation I want to do specifically,” he told CNN.com. Said. “If they were to throw a black man, for example, I would have hoped inside that he would not only be black, but he was James Bond.”

At the top of the list of possibilities is Page, who wowed fans last year with his portrayal in the Netflix hit movie, Bridgeton.

“They’re talking about Reggie, but the bond producers aren’t making any decisions later There is no time to die Not released. They are focusing on the big finish of Daniel Craig, ”said a source Page six.

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There are other actors to play this character Henry Cable And George McKay.

In June, Page addressed rumors of his next James Bond in a roundtable interview with him. Hollywood Reporter.

“It gets clicks. It has nothing to do with me – it has nothing to do with anything that happens in a room or in a meeting. It’s literally a thing for people to talk about. So it’s flattering, but it’s just a game. ”

No time to die Friday October will be released in theaters this Friday.

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