Restaurant hostess sues black Texas black woman in New York for seeking evidence of covid vaccination

New York City prosecutors on Tuesday (October 5th) filed charges against three black Texas women, alleging multiple assaults and harassment for beating up a restaurant hostess in Manhattan who wanted to see evidence of the Covid-1 vaccine.

The New York Daily News As identified by women Kaita Nkenj Rankin, 44, Tiny Hairy Rankin, 21, and Sally Rachel Lewis, .. 1 the September Carmines, an attack on an Upper West Side restaurant could land them in jail for a year. Judges at the Manhattan Criminal Court acquitted the women on the basis of their recognition.

Parts of the fight were captured on mobile phones and spread on social media.

Citing prosecutors, the newspaper said the women began pushing the hostess after restaurant staff obeyed New York City orders to ask for proof that guests had been vaccinated. After the altercation, the hostess was treated at the scene for minor injuries.

According to New York Times, The lawyer for both the restaurant and the Houston-area women said the suspects gave evidence of vaccination and entered the restaurant. The trouble started after two people who later joined their party failed to show a vaccination card. The fight began after three women went back outside to join the men.

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Justin MooreA lawyer representing the women said earlier that the hostess had used racial prejudice against her clients before the war began, WABC reported.

Moore said her clients were ready to eat elsewhere when a staff member at Carmine requested their stay, which the hostess did not like. He suggested that the group had fake vaccine cards and that they had been slandered.

Hostess Moore has denied the allegations.

“The allegation that I said that a racial prejudice is unbelievable. I am a Korean immigrant, born in Seoul, Korea. I have the highest respect for all BIPOCs. I will never call anyone a racial slur. According to WABC, in a statement he said people are worse off than being physically abused.

The women are scheduled to return to court on November 1.

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