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Monarch Music Hall – Peoria, IL September 28th, 2019

After the summer series in Peoria, the IL Reverend Horton hits and The Delta Bombers arrive at Monarch Music Hall. True fans attended the first cool evening in the Midwest.

Delta Bombers

The city that never sleeps in Las Vegas, Nevada, and the Delta Bombers, formed in 2008, started the show with their unique sound. The show began with guitarist Andrew Himmler, vocalist-acoustic guitarist Chris Moinichen, bassist Gregorio Garcia, and drummer Mika Malcolm on “This Is the Night” and “Lock the Door.” The fans were eating. The songs “Top Shelf”, “King of the Hill” and “The Wolf” keep the venue strong and bright and their new single “Give Me All” is definitely worth listening to.

Reverend Horton hits

They were definitely on the heels of the Reverend Horton hit when it came to things getting bigger in Texas. Modern Rockabilly / Psychobili was born in 1986 to this group. Joining vocalist / guitarist Jim “Reverend Horton” Heath and bassist Zimbo Wallace and now drummer Arjun “AJ” Contraras, he immediately grabbed the fans on the floor and didn’t let them go. When the boys come to town, the combination of sounds including big band, swing, rock, punk, surf, country and rockabilly can be seen. Open with “Psychobilly Freakout” and playing multiple hits and fan favorites, “Got It in My Pocket” and “Big Red Rocket of Love”. Pianist Lance Lipinski joined the band in the evening and played the tunes. Don’t forget to catch them when the tour arrives in town!

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