Reverend Jesse Jackson checks out at hospital after falling on Howard University campus while helping student protesters

Reverend Jesse Jackson was taken to hospital today after falling on Howard University campus where he was helping student protesters fight for safer accommodation on campus.

According to The Grio, Jesse Jackson helped secure a verbal agreement from the Howard University administration to allow students to end their protests without facing expulsion. The agreement guarantees an investigation containing the dangerous mold of every dorm room on campus.

The 80-year-old civil rights icon was returning to the University’s Blackburn Center to update on the progress of student protesters when he reportedly fell and cut off his head. His team took him to the hospital to take care of the wound and to examine any other injuries.

He reportedly tried to continue but both his team and the leader pressured Jesse to return for treatment and after being cleared by doctors.

The students occupied the Blackburn Center in their fourth week in protest of their unsafe housing conditions.

The 154-year-old HBCU, located in the country’s capital, has reported mold, roach and rats in the dorm.

Student staff who organized the Blackburn takeover told The Grio that the deal Reverend Jesse Jackson received was a start but had not yet met their demands.

“We’ve got an answer, but it’s not the answer we’re looking for,” said Ragen Carter, national media director and communications manager at The Live Movement. “That’s not the answer we need.”

President Wayne AI Frederick has not met with students since the protests drew national attention, although he issued a letter urging them to end positions that endanger students’ safety.

We’ll keep you posted on any updates from outside Howard.

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