Rihanna pays homage to 2021 Halloween Costume Gunner Viral NYFW Costume

At this point, we should all know that RiRi makes RiRi happy! So, it’s no surprise that the singer and entrepreneur applied that feeling to his Halloween 2021 drip. And, not surprisingly, the iconic moment where Rihanna went viral on Twitter after Guna’s outfit.

Yes, you read that right. Rihanna pulled together, 100 percent inspired by a viral outfit she wore. Last month, she wore short Rick Owens boots paired with shorts, a mesh, long-sleeved top and leather vest at New York Fashion Week. As expected, he quickly became a hot topic online.

She saw a photo of tall Rick Owens boots and a preview of her outfit with the caption “The Guna’s”. Too many days later, Rihanna drops another post featuring six photos and the comments section goes wild with laughter. But, before we get there, let’s discuss this ‘fit’.

Rihanna has almost copied Gunna’s picture. Gunna poses outside, while Riri serves inside. Other than that, she nailed her photos from facial expressions and hairstyle poses!

And since Rihanna is an entertainer, she set up her post with Guna reminders. It starts with a photo followed by Guna Flicks matching her

She paired the same Dior mesh top with Louis Vuitton sunglasses. She wore layered, diamond chains and her hair locked locks singles.

Rihanna gave us pictures of what Guna wore during Halloween on September 8th! He also copied his caption. “D. S. 4. ”

Talk about an unexpected, but welcome surprise! The post received more than 32,000 comments and more than 3.1 million likes by Sunday evening. Even Guna herself was fascinated by Rihanna’s creativity. She re-posted her costume post on her Instagram story saying “Nawwww she OD”.

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