Rihanna will open Savage X Fenty Store in 2022

Looks like the Rihanna Savage X Fanti brand is looking to get bigger and better things next year. Soon consumers may be waiting to enter an actual store to make their purchase, as opposed to just buying online.

In a recent interview with Bloomberg, Christian Pendervis, vice president and chief merchandising and design officer at Savage X Fanti, confirmed that the brand is working to open an original physical store in 2022. You will see absolutely some stores in 2022. ”

Christian adds, “Since fit and comfort are so important, there are some customers who don’t feel comfortable shopping online.”

When it comes to the location of the store, he says, “Initially they will all be in the United States, but we are absolutely talking about the potential for this expansion in the EU.”

(Proceed to 14:00 to hear the news of the store)

E.g. Previously In August, Forbes announced that Rihanna had officially reached the status of a billionaire. Many of his brands, including his music and Savage X Fenty, were part of his main step that helped him achieve his billionaire status.

While promoting her latest fashion show for Savage X Fanti, Rihanna talked about her financial situation and said New York Times“It’s clever because it’s hard to accept where you are because I know where I’m from. At the same time, it’s good to be able to inspire young women and boys like me, who come from humble beginnings like me, who come from parents.” Those who are immigrants or those who are immigrants themselves, they are able to do it. ”

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TSR Staff: Z Ashley @ Z_Ashley4

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