Riley Walker: June 5, 2021 Private Backyard, Flushing, NY

“I don’t think Steve Gunn forgot his song,” Riley Walker was surprised in the middle, albeit “The Roundabout” this past Saturday. He was performing in front of a small backyard audience in Flushing, Queens. We are all a little rusty, performers and listeners when it comes to live music back in New York. But as we have experienced this weekend, everyone can rediscover well-worn grooves. In this hour and a half, Riley touches his entire catalog, from Primrose green In her outstanding new album, Fairy tale course. A few covers end the afternoon, including a captivating piece from Jim O’Rourke’s “Hello in Hell, But More in Goodbye.” Bad times Record

I recorded this show with a pair of MBHO versatile mics in front and overhead. Despite the windy days, the sound is great. Enjoy!

Thanks to Riley Walker for playing; And to Mark and Kim for hosting. You can purchase all of Riley Walker’s albums Fairy tale course, In bandcamp. He will be on tour this fall with the opening of a full band for Dinosaur Jr. That tour will end on November 20 at Brooklyn Steel. More immediately, Riley will be joined by Stuart Buggy, Spencer Jahan and Kevin Razkar for a session at Nublu 151 this coming Thursday, June 10th.

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Riley Walker
Private backyard
Flushing, NY

Recorded and produced by Eric PH for

MBHO KA100DK / 603A (on stage)> Naiant PFA >> Sound Device MixPray-6> WAV (24/48)> Adobe Audition CC + Izotope Ozone 5> Audacity 3.0.2> FLAC

Track [1:34:05]
01. On the shores of Old Kishwaki
02. Round
03. Color whirl
04. Promise me
05. Telluride speed
06. Shaking like others
07. The Halfwit in Me
08. If I were a carpenter [Tim Hardin]
09. Improvement
10. Primrose Green
11. Summer dress
12. On the hill [John Martyn]
13. Hello there is hell, but many more goodbye [Jim O’Rourke]
14. Fair play [Van Morrison]
15. Grand Old Trout [Bill MacKay]

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