Riley Walker: September 12, 2021 Tubi’s (Kingston, NY)

Since my last post here (March 9, 2020) New Yorkers have sought refuge in all sorts of places and taken refuge in a confusing number of confusions. Vinyl record sales have skyrocketed, Instagram has overflowed with DIY baking, seated people have discovered hiking, gym rats have discovered the joy of sitting. New Yorkers have moved to Hudson Valley, New Jersey, Florida or more distant destinations.

Riley Walker ended up in Vermont, running his new but growing label, Husky Pants, and as his role model, he recorded and released a lot of new music. Fiction course, Follow-up of 2018 Deaf vision, His words represent another stunning evolution. Through its composition of Prag-Rock courses, recorded with Pristine Sonics by Tortoise veterinarian John McAntier. If anyone is worried about whether Riley’s first post-sobriety album will lose the magic of its obscure past, the answer is not just that, just the opposite. This is Walker’s most self-contained work to date, bringing together the musical power of all collaborators Ryan Jewel, Andrew Scott Young and Bill McKay under one voice, lyrics that can be provocative but coarse as well as destructively direct. If Fiction course Known as the best album of Walker’s career, it will deserve the title.

Looking at these songs in Tubby’s small but welcoming back room, it is understandable that a venerable Kingston Bar has been redefined as a serious live music venue. Space itself feels like a shelter; Its size compels an intimacy and familiarity that is hard for most of us to come to this part of the world recently. I’m not sure I’ve gone to another venue of its size where they booked at that level, and I hope Tubby’s will maintain it.

This show featured the most Fiction course The lineup was joined by Walker, Jewel and Young, and the trio later (Course And Deaf vision) The melody with applause Course The melodies were fairly true with their original arrangements, serving as the 18-minute improvisational centerpiece of the set “The Halfway in Me”. Although I would like to hear that some talent has finally applied live to new songs, to go this far, the original arrangements were thrilling to hear live in a house, for the particular kind they were written for.

Ryley is on the West Coast at the moment, and will return to the East to support Dinosaur Jr. to end the year, then… well, his normal tour dates in 2022. Exactly how it should be. See his tour date here.

This recording was an extra-special collaboration between Clicked and me, using a combination of my Schoeps omnidirectional mics on the front, his MBHO on the soundboard and (mostly) vocal jute feeds. Excellent in terms of sound quality. Enjoy!

Download recordings to the Live Music Archive [MP3] | [FLAC]

Ryley Walker
Kingston, NY  USA

Recorded and produced by Kliked and acidjack

Source 1: Schoeps MK5o>KCY>Z-PFA (stage lip, PAS)>Sound Devices MixPre6Source 2: MBHO 440 (at SBD) + Soundboard (engineer: Zoots)>Sound Devices MixPre3
Source 1 24/48 WAV + Source 2 24/48 WAV>Audacity (time align, EQ, fades, tracking, limiter, compression)>24/48 WAV>FLAC ( level 8 )

Ryley Walker
Ryan Jewell - Percussion
Andrew Scott Young - Bass

Tracks [Total Time:59:28]
01 Striking Down Your Big Premiere
02 Rang Dizzy
03 [banter1]
04 Opposite Middle
05 [banter2]
06 Telluride Speed
07 [banter3]
08 The Halfwit In Me
09 [banter4]
10 Shiva With Dustpan
11 [banter5]
12 22 Days

Please support Riley Walker: [bandcamp] | [website]

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