Rock the Bells to Award Cultural Impact with new prizes

The magnitude of the impact of hip-hop has long been known since it was declared the most used genre in music in 2017. We rule the advertising, sports, marketing – hip-hop world.

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That’s why the BETs brand is announcing the new “Rock the Bells Cultural Influence Award”, which is set to be presented at the upcoming BET Hip Hop Awards on October 5, which makes all the world feel.

With a new partnership LL Cool J Rock the Bells, a global lifestyle brand and a prominent voice for classic and timeless hip hop, will make its debut at the 2021 BET Hip Hop Awards, honoring the wider cultural influence of the hip hop artist in popular culture, bridging the gap between all generations. Hip-hop lovers.

LL Cool J will honor the Grammy Award-winning rapper, entrepreneur and four-time BET Hip Hop Award nominee. Creator Tyler, Respect for his impressive cultural contributions, talents and boundless creativity that cemented him as one of the most innovative forces in music.

In addition to Tyler’s “Rock the Bells Cultural Influence Award,” The Creator has been nominated for four 2021 BET Hip Hop Awards, including “Best Live Performer,” “Hip Hop Artist of the Year,” “Hip Hop Album of the Year,” and “Producer of the Year.”

“Part of our mission at Rock the Bells is to bridge the gap in the rich history of hip hop into the present, which is why we are thrilled to be partnering with BET, an organization that has always been at the forefront of black culture,” LL said. “I am proud to honor creator Tyler for the first time with the ‘Rock the Bells Cultural Influence Award’, which celebrates an artist who breaks the conventional boundaries of hip hop culture. His fearlessness and creativity speak to his impact on future hip-hop generations.”

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