Rod Wave fans send prayers after new song ‘Nirvana’ hints at suicidal thoughts

Rod Wave fans expressed deep concern for his recovery on Saturday morning when the rapper dropped a new song and became a ghost on social media.

After her new song ‘Nirvana’ was dropped on YouTube, people flooded social media with prayers for Rod and messages about mental health and suicide awareness. Although Rod Wave never explicitly stated that he was thinking of taking his own life, the lyrics imply that a suicidal message would be heard.

“If you hear it, it’s too late,” says the first line of the song. “I have been writing this since Tuesday, today is Friday and tomorrow is resurrection. I tried to fight hard but I survived. Sad to say, I lost the battle against my mind.

The song tells the story of a young man who survived his most terrifying dreams, but lost to himself in a civil war.

“You should be happy for me, Homi, without further ado. We all got one day I guess we’ll see each other then. I hope heaven is real and one day we can be together again and not cry for me, I was alive. Excellent live. I went on tour and saw the world and met my fans. I can’t give life, I wish I could do it again. Made a lot of money, wrote my will, my kids are fine. Hopefully they won’t be so misunderstood.

Fans of Rod Wave know him as a star who does not frequently appear on social media, with fans noting that he completely deactivated his account during the release of the song.

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