Russell to star in Westbrook Showtime Sports ‘Passion Play’ documentary

LA Lakers Russell Westbrook She is scheduled to star in Showtime Sports Passion Play: Russell Westbrook Documentary.

The film follows the nine-time All-NBA Point Guard journey from high school to professional basketball and will be available for viewing through showtime on October 15th.

In addition to starring in the film, Westbrook is an executive producer of the project with his younger brother Ryanard Westbrook.

Westerbook said in a statement, “I am proud to be able to share this documentary and to give viewers an insight into who I really am on and off the court.” CBS Sports. “I have a lot of misconceptions about myself, but I’m ready to share my story and my journey with my fans.”

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Emotion game Will show interviews with former Westbrook UCLA teammates Kevin Love, His former Oklahoma City Thunder teammate Nick Collison And the feature has never been seen before with Westbrook’s family and own people.

Gotham Chopra And Eric Ledru Has served as its co-director Emotion game. Earlier, Chopra had documented some of the prominent athletes in his filmography, including Kobe Bryant, Tom Brady And LeBron James.

Chopra says his recent work will give him the opportunity to change the perception of the often polarized Westbrook.

“When we started the project with Russell Westbrook in the fall of 2019 and played his first game with the Houston Rockets, we were all literally living in a different world,” Chopra said. CBS Sports. “Two years later – three teams for Russell – I can say that there is no one I have ever ridden on this roller coaster other than Rush. Ever met and collaborated with them, and I’m thrilled to be able to share a true version of it with the world through this photo. “

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