Ryan Philip thinks of how he sees the cruel intentions of his children

Back in 1999, the onscreen kiss between SMG and Selma Blair was a big deal. And it won the Best Kiss award at the 2000 MTV Movie Awards, with friends on stage recreating the kiss.

Not in the script? The saliva is the embodiment of the symbol that follows their kissing lesson.

“I forgot who, but someone said, ‘We have to go again, saliva is being added to them.’ And [cinematographer] Follow [van de Sande] There was, ‘No, it’s beautiful.’ And I was like, ‘No, it’s hot. I mean, we’ll go again, but I think it’s great. And for that it has somehow been remembered. “

When it comes to filming, Geller once said, “Selma was afraid she would kiss me. But she didn’t!”

Blair (actually a 27-year-old 15-year-old young Cecil) admitted in some early nerves, but revealed that there was something wrong with Gayle, saying, Where I had to kiss Sarah. We shot our kissing scene on the last day of shooting. Sarah, ‘Tomorrow we’ll make it!’ He was, ‘Shh, don’t talk.’ “

For the jailer, the kiss, which was done with hundreds of extras and photographers in Central Park, made headlines the following week. “[We] The headline saw something like, ‘Sarah spends the day with a friend in Central Park,’ “Blair recalls.” My guess is that all of them had telescopic lenses ready that day. “

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