Ryu Ga chases Gotoku Studio producer Kazuki Hosokawa over lost trial

Even just a few years ago, Yakuza The series was seen as a “big in Japan” IP that was not yet left in the world. Contemporary Japanese settings, complex characters, and often wild stories do not work for the Western masses.

But (as we mentioned ours) Yakuza: Like a dragon Last year’s feature) that all changed now. Audiences around the world have known Japanese fans since 2005 and have now embraced the series – and projects related to Ryu Ga Gotoku Studios, such as last month Lost judgment.

The sequel to the 2019 (or 2018, for Japan) trial, the latest headline again shows what private detective Takayuki Yagami can do by investigating suspected criminals. As usual, the story takes some turns and both revolve around the heavy reality of the crime as well as the light-hearted and sometimes hungry side content that fans Judgment And Yakuza Games expected.

With Lost judgment Now available worldwide on Xbox and PlayStation consoles, Spin Series producer Kazuki Hosokawa talks about the first global release together Judgment/Yakuza History

Spin: For both fans Judgment And as people jump into the series for the first time, what do you think is the most exciting thing for the players? Lost judgment?
Kazuki Hosokawa: The Judgment The series is structured with elements of original narrative and action. If you enjoy the story Judgment, I am confident that you will enjoy the thrilling intensity perfectly Lost judgmentIts story. Also, action elements like action battles and exploratory sequences have evolved further, so I hope you see it for yourself and enjoy it.

Considering that Judgment Many saw it as a relative Yakuza Series, how it was made was different Lost judgment What can be expected when fans know a little better?
One thing I was aware of from the beginning was that I wanted the game to be recognized as its own series Judgment Series, not as one Yakuza Template for spin off Judgment The series was already set in previous games, so Lost judgment It then becomes a reflection of previous opinions and limitations, addressing them, and improving overall. In the end, I think the volume of this game is, if not, the largest of these Judgment And Yakuza Series. The development process was challenging due to the perfect volume of the game. A lot of times when a game has so much variety and volume, it can enjoy aggregation, but we carefully created the role and structure of the content from the beginning, so I’m pretty happy with how it turned out.

Already the game world has developed quite a bit Judgment, What kind of things you were able to do and explore Lost judgment That you didn’t achieve for the first time?
Things that we have improved Lost judgment Its predecessors include a variety of activities, immersing elements of the investigative process, feelings of strong excitement in the war, and plenty of saturated content centering on the school story.

How was your reaction to how much people enjoyed it? Judgment?
I was very happy. I was particularly encouraged by the feedback from fans, as I was very concerned about whether foreign users would enjoy the series, which is set in modern Japan and has a more serious story than that. Yakuza Series.

Obviously Judgment And Lost judgment There is a different melody than this Yakuza Games, but they still feel very familiar in the sense that they are about character development and the arcs of unpredictable storytelling. What happened to make these games feel fresh as well as maintain what people like about other Ryu Ga Gotoku titles?
It is essential that the players show sympathy for the hero Yagami. When a protagonist has an inconsistent reaction to unwanted plot development, it’s easy to lose the sense of self-reliance and self-loathing towards the main character you control. We pay special attention to making sure that what the player wants to get out and what he wants to do is consistent with what Yagami says and does. On the contrary, we kept Yagami a regular guy who would reverse the predictions of the players without any special powers.

Do you think the full English voice acting has changed how people in the English-speaking part of the world connect with characters like Yagami after two games? Yakuza What characters do players primarily associate with their local Japanese voice acting?
For the West, [Yagami voice actor] Brought by Greg Lime and many more Judgment Very real life character. For Yakuza Series, I think a lot of Western players consider the Japanese voice to be the “original” and the English voice to be the “dub”. Since Judgment As the series continued to have dual audio, I think both the Japanese voice and the English voice are seen as the “source” in this case. I would be happy if the English language version helps to deepen their connection with the players Judgment Characters of the series.

Is there anything you people want to know? Lost judgment?
The main story is sometimes serious and serious where the player is confronted with the question: What is justice? In this sense, playing casually can be tough, but I encourage you to give it a shot. To balance this, side content content is sometimes silly and interesting which I think will make players laugh, so I hope they play Lost judgmentEvery nook and cranny is!

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