San Francisco’s in-and-out burgers reopened after closing because staff did not verify vaccine customers’ evidence

In-n-out burgers and the city of San Francisco seem to be in conflict over the Covid-1 vaccine mandate. According to CBS San Francisco, the burger spot was temporarily closed last Thursday because its employees were not verifying evidence of customers being vaccinated. Although the business has reopened, they are now limited to take-outs.

For those who don’t know, this in-and-out location is located in a tourist area called Fisherman’s Wharf. It usually welcomes guests for indoor dining and carrying and has no drive-through.

However, the San Francisco Department of Public Health (SFDPH) temporarily suspended operations because store employees were not issuing citywide orders called “Safe Return Together Health Orders.”

For the order, all restaurant employees must “actively intervene by demanding vaccine and photo identification proof from each customer, then act as enforcement staff, barring any customer from entering without proper documentation.”

Therefore, a final notice of violation of the Burger Joint and a notice of closure for termination on 14 October were issued. Apparently, the Department of Health warned in-and-out representatives of the need for proof of vaccination “more than once” after visiting a restaurant on September 2 due to a complaint. October Violated the in-n-out during another inspection.

Despite the temporary closure, In-N-Out is adamant in its decision to serve all restaurant employees and their decision to “welcome everyone”.

“We refuse to be the vaccine police for any government. It is unreasonable, offensive and unsafe to force our restaurant partners to carry customers who may or may not be served on the basis of documentation or for any other reason, ”the statement said. “We strongly disagree with any government directive that would force a private company to discriminate against its customers who choose to sponsor their business. It is clearly government dominated and intrusive, unfair and offensive. ”

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