School board member Tony Morrison wants to cut books

A school board member in Virginia Beach is trying to get rid of books written by several popular African American authors, including Nobel laureate Tony Morrison, claiming they are “pornographic”, reports the Daily Beast.

Victoria Manning, a senior member of Virginia Beach City Public Schools, led the demand to remove four books from circulation or use in the district curriculum “because of their pornographic nature.” These are Jonathan Avison’s Lawn Boy; Zia Kuiara Maya Kobabe; A Lesson Before the Death of Ernest Gaines and The Bluest Eye.

Manning admitted in his letter to the board that he had not read the titles, only skimmed them, made it clear that he wanted the books out and further demanded that the staff involved in approving the books be disciplined.

“A Lesson Before Dying”, which addresses racism and racial identity in Louisiana in the 1940s, was approved for 11th graders. It was banned due to the scene of a couple undressing.

Aaron Spence, superintendent of Virginia Beach City Public Schools, said Manning had separately requested a review of Magenta and Good Trouble: Lessons from the Civil Rights Playbook, reports The Daily Beast.

According to Norfolk Virginian-Pilot, he condemned the decision to partner with an educational nonprofit organization because it supports the “(New York Times)” 1619 Project “and other leftist ideologies.

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Manning also spoke out against a group of middle-school teachers who conducted a book study with students using A Singh’s “The Racial Healing Handbook” in analogy, calling it “horrible and disgusting”.

He claims to be a kind of whistle blower in classroom conversations about race. According to The Daily Beast, he runs a “wakeness checker” page linked to his personal website where he explodes the teachings of critical race theory.

In an exhibition at Fox & Friends, he objected that “our students and our teachers are being taught that our country is inherently racist, and that students and teachers are pitted against each other on the basis of their skin color.”

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