See: Kim Kardashian happily floats herself in the mindset of opening family, friends, ‘SNL’. CELEBS

Kim Kardashian Her debut as a host (October 9) Live Saturday night, And the jokes were completely effective.

Dressed in a pink dress from head to toe, ard0-year-old Kardashian took to the stage and looked at Oz Simpson and her estranged husband. Kanye West (Who was in New York in support of his SNL debut Page six), Leaving the roar of the audience.

“I’m so much more than that reference picture, my sisters show their plastic surgeons,” Kim said for more than a minute of her solo drama.

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“When they asked, I was like, ‘Do you want to host me? Why? I haven’t really had a movie premiere for a long time,'” he said, referring to his 2002 leaked sex tape.

Later, Kardashian ran behind the former NFL and had a little fun, Oz Simpson, Who was acquitted of involvement in the death of his late ex-wife.

“My real passion is trying to get the wrongdoers out of jail … I had a father and still have that kind of influence and inspiration, and I really thank him for opening my eyes to racial injustice,” he said. “That’s why I met my first black person. Who do you want to stab in the dark? I know it’s weird that you met the first black person. I still don’t know. ”

Caitlin Jenner Not to be outdone by the joke, Kim said, “All by name, it’s really impressive that my mother didn’t choose Karen,” he said. “I mean, somehow, he just knew. I don’t know how he saw that one was coming and not Caitlin.

Check out her look below:

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