Self-propelled WEMO vehicles flood residents in and around San Francisco, blocking vehicles

# Roommates, advances in technology are constantly making our lives easier and more convenient, especially self-driving cars, but San Francisco neighborhood residents may think differently. Waimo self-driving cars have flooded the San Francisco neighborhood and residents are not too happy about the disruption to their daily commute.

এ USAAT reported today that residents of the Richmond district of San Francisco have been disturbed by the ongoing flow of Waimo self-driving vehicles in recent and the situation has worsened in recent weeks. Residents have repeatedly complained that not only has their daily routine been disrupted, they have to get out and self-propelled cars have to turn around. According to the local news agency, the frequency of cars is also increasing, “There are some days where it can be up to 50 [cars.] It is literally every five minutes. And we’re all working from home, so that’s what we heard, says resident Jennifer King.

In response to the frustration, a Wyoming spokesman spoke of the problems surrounding his self-driving cars. Apparently, the problem is due to new road rules in the Richmond District area, which are part of San Francisco’s “Safe Roads” program, which restricts vehicles to certain residential roads.

Additionally, what ends up being one of the Waimo vehicles goes to a road listed in San Francisco’s “Safe Roads” কারণ which is the reason why self-propelled cars make endless U-turns.

Wemo self-driving cars are equipped with “leader” sensors that give the car a clear picture of its surroundings তাই so when the car hits a dead end, the sensors instruct the car to stop.

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